Consulting, Counselling & Body Therapy Rooms

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The rooms have:

  • Sinks with hot and cold water
  • Dimmer lights
  • Central Heating and Cooling
  • Recliners
  • Large desks
  • The building has a central sound system and each treatment room has volume control and on/off switches
  • Furniture is new and modern
  • All rooms have access to large waiting room and on site car park


Room 3

Consulting Suite Three has two recliners, large desk, desk chair and large whiteboard. It is available for counselling, hypnotherapy, supervision, consulting and couple therapy.

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Room 5

Consulting Suite Five is private and ideal for talk therapy and life coaching.  Book Now!


Room 6

Consulting Suite Six is large, bright and sunny. This room has three large windows. It has comfy chairs, a kids table and chairs, kids play mat, large desk & desk chair and a large whiteboard.  There is also a large sink, hot and cold water and a bench with built in cupboards.

It is perfect for a range of professions; play therapy, adult or childrens counselling, family therapy, couple therapy, family meetings, supervision and there is room for a massage table.

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