Counselling & Consulting Rooms

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Consulting Suite One

Consulting Suite One is the largest counseling room in the property and would easily accommodate small groups, family work, family therapy, couple counselling, individual work, supervision and meetings.

This is the perfect setting for couselling, psychotherapy, interpersonal therapy, training, cognitive behaviour therapy, narrative therapy, solution focussed therapy, relational therapy and the list goes on..

Chairs can easily be moved to accommodate your needs.

There is a large window, printable whiteboard, large desk, coffee tables, 6 comfortable tub chairs, 2 cup chairs and a desk chair.

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Consulting Suite Two

Consulting Suite Two has a large window, two recliners, foot stools, coffee table, a large desk, desk chair and a large whiteboard.

It is perfect for counselling individuals or couples. You can't go wrong for hypnotherapy, consultancy, meditation, relaxation techniques, psycho social education, counselling, mental health plans, psychotherapy, focused psychological strategies, supervision and relationship counselling.

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Consulting Suite Four

Consulting Suite Four is perfect for kids who benefit from fewer distractions.  There are colourful decals on the walls, kids table and chairs, a large whiteboard and sink with hot and cold water.

It is perfect if you are working with little people and use play dough or glue as there is a sink is in the room!

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